Resist T-Mobile's Anti-Union Tactics

You've seen those one-click and you're done online petitions. And you wonder what , if anything , you've accomplished by signing. Well, here's a Pen and Paper/ Flesh and Blood petition which makes up for the work of signing on with a real world benefit for thousands of T-Mobile workers seeking Union protections.

T-Mobile is owned in part by the German Government. There's German law that in this situation 50,000 petitions-signers automatically trigger an investigation by the German Parliament into a matter in dispute. German workers are well represented by their Unions and over 20,000 have already signed the petition. So, now it's up to supporters on this side of the Atlantic to do our part.

The VERY IMPORTANT "catch" is that the petition has to be "HARD COPY" and your name and address have to be PRINTED ALL IN CAPS before you sign. After you sign or maybe you and a friend or housemate do, instead of mailing it to the address on the petition, please US Mail it to, or drop it off at:

 Jobs With Justice, c/o Cassie Watters, 1415 Elm St, Knoxville, 37921

 PLEASE DO THIS BY JULY 30. This is our office shared with Local 3805 CWA. CWA is the Union working on organizing T-Mobile and  they will make sure it gets to where it needs to by August 5.           

Click here for a one page FAQ on this campaign and click here for the petition itself to print. Please take the time to do this, it will make a difference!


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