JwJ Action in Middle TN: Support the Ironworkers Rod-busters!

The building construction boom in Nashville is evident. Yet many workers lending their hard labor in hot and humid climes are being left behind.
One such group is rod-busters, ironworkers who tote, set and tie rebar prior to a footing, column or floor being poured with concrete. Three subcontractors doing nearly all this work in Nashville hail from Manchester TN, and the vast majority of workers they employ drive back and forth from Manchester each day. They are forced to work long and dangerous hours, they receive no benefits, and their hourly pay is the absolute lowest among ironworkers doing this type of work anywhere in the country.
Two weeks ago, a group of these workers went on strike protesting their miserly pay and their putrid work conditions. Their goal simply is to raise the standards in this construction sub-segment.
More information on this strike can be found here:

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